In your journey through life you can rest in our Caravansary and carry on inspired and stronger.
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Caravansary: Arts, Culture, Community, Spirituality


We organise and facilitate Mediterrenean and Middle Eastern percussion and music workshops, drum circles, Sufi drum circles in London, Sufi music events and poetry evenings in London. Find us on Facebook



Please see below for a list of current events and workshops, please join our Facebook group.



If you are tired or eager for refreshment - welcome


Caravansary is a large inn enclosing a courtyard, providing lodging, rest and entertainment, opportunity to meet other travellers, do business for caravans through the Silk Road. Come and rest in our Caravansary through your journey.

If you are interested in learning drumming, Darbukha, Dumbek, sufi drumming, shamanic drumming, how to run a drum circle, Darabukka , Derbocka, Davul, Dumbelek, Tabla, Goblet Drum, Daf, Def, Ney, Oud, Darbuka, Tarambuke, Zarb, Dombak, Doumbek, Doumbeg, Djembe, Tamburello, Tamburine, Bohdran, Panderio, Dayareh, Tar, Tammorra, Dumbek, Darabukka,Toumbeleki ,Tablah, Tableh, Frame Drum please get in touch.


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